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Coal consumption in 2015 will reach peak coal industry will face a severe test in the future. BP world quarry crusher energy statistics yearbook 2013, according quarry crusher to China's domestic coal production rose by 135% in over the past 10 years. During this period, accounting for more than a third of global energy consumption growth in China.Last year, China's coal consumption in global quarry crusher coal consumption proportion of over 50% for the first time. Slowing trend at present, China's coal consumption, according to the data of China coal industry association, the national coal consumption in 1.93 billion in the first half of 2013 tons, up 1.8% from a year quarry crusher earlier, the growth of a 1% fall in 2012, a 7.6% fall in 2011.At the same time, the whole society coal inventory increase.China coal big coal analyst zhi-bin zhang thinks, the situation of coal supply exceeds demand in the short term will not change, coal production capacity and inventory pressure is still large. The future coal industry will face a severe test, coal is replaced by new energy space is very large.Total energy from jiang, quarry crusherreport that the new calculation, wind power will reach 18 million KWH, 2013, 16 million kilowatt hours of water and electricity, pv 12 million KWH, add new energy quantity have been able to meet the needs of the output growth in China;From the bureau of energy planning, according to a 2015 of the total energy consumption within the 4 billion tons of requirements, new energy basically covered all the new incremental energy, coal demand of new space is very small. In addition, the environmental protection agency environmental sarft has launched the regional coal consumption control technology quarry crusher method and policy system research report, clearly put forward the coal consumption amount control roadmap for the future, since the 12th five-year, leading in the serious air pollution in beijing-tianjin-hebei, the three major key areas in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta pilot;Much starker quarry crusher choices-and graver consequences-in combined with the national strategyquarry crusher for the control of air pollution, we will extend to other key areas for the control of air pollution.During 2020-2030, combined with the greenhouse gas emissions control requirements, the names of the nationwide fully implementing total quarry crusher amount control of coal consumption. Quarry Crusher according to the categories can be divided into medical stoner and quarry crusher.Quarry crusher principle to adapt to the amount of sea mine hard rock broken, its typical granite discharging granularity 40 mm or less (90%), the machine can deal with side length 100 ~ 500 mm the following material, its compressive strength up to 350 million mpa, big quarry crushing ratio, material after broken cube grains, etc.Mining rock mechanical refers to discharging granularity is more than 3 mm in content of total discharge capacity is more than 50% of the quarry crushing machine. Quarry Crusher general processing relatively large pieces of material, product granularity coarser, usually greater than 8 mm.A certain gap between its structure characteristics is broken, do not contact with each other.Can be divided into the primary quarry crusher quarry crusher, quarry crusher and fine crusher.In general by the grinding machine processing of materials is fine, the product quarry crusher particle size is fine, can reach 0.More than 074 mm, and even more.The characteristics of the structure are broken parts (or medium) contact each other, medium is adopted by the steel ball, steel rods, gravel or ore block, etc.But some mechanical quarry crushing and grinding effect quarry crusher concurrently at the same time, such as autogenous grinding machine.30 five.5 x 1.8 meters from the mill processing ore particle size limit of up to 350 ~ 400 mm quarry crusher Quarry crusher large crushing ratio, uniform end product size, simple structure,Quarry crusher reliable operation, easy maintenance, economic operation, Quarry crusheretc.PF -i series counterattack crushing function processing materials under 100 ~ 500 mm length, its compressive strength up to 350 million mpa, big crushing ratio,Quarry crusher material after broken cube grains, etc;PF - II counterattack crusher series, is suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement limestone crushing, has great capacity of production,Quarry crusher discharge the advantages of small

particle size,quarry crusher

1, quarry crusher With two broken facequarry crusher approached the extrusion pressure, make the material crushing.Jaw quarry crushercrusher, roll crusher, cone crusher are crushed way of broken machinery 2, split pieces is the use of teeth wedge material splitting force for broken, focus on the quarry crusher action of forces, adapted to quarry crusher the brittle material crushing 3, broken material in crushing coal face as under concentrated load between two fulcrum (or are) beam, make quarry crusher the material itself to fold the flexor broken. quarry crusher Counterattack crusher though a late, but their fast.It has been China's cement, building materials, quarry crusher coal and chemical industry and mineral processing industries is quarry crusher widely used in all kinds of ores, finely homework.quarry crusher Also used for coarse crushing equipment of the ore.Counterattack crusher is so rapid development mainly because it has the following important characteristics quarry crusher. Product granularity. The quarry crushing phenomenon too little.This kind of broken.Is the use of the kinetic energy of broken ore, and each ore has kinetic energy and the ore quality,quarry crusher is proportional to the.So. In the process of spalling, lump ore is broken by large extent. But smaller particles of ore, under certain conditions will not be broken. So the products have even broken quarry crusher. quarry crusher For the implementation of the state council on December 14 and 15, 2014 premier li keqiang to visit during the period of the republic of kazakhstan with prime minister Mr Massimov reached important consensus, on December 25 to 26, 2014, China's national development and reformquarry crusher commission, director xu shaoshi and kazakhstan investment and development department (hereinafter referred to as the "parties") minister. The sheik, jointly held in Beijing in the capacity of cooperation dialogue for the first time. Through production cooperation policy dialogue, enterprise group project quarry crusher docking and ministerial talks, the two sides discussed the advancing and deepening and investment cooperation between two domestic problems, communicate quarry crusher their key industry quarry crusher development present situation, planning and policy, many consensus quarry crusher. (for more information on micro signal zgky114) After consultations, the two sides signed the "meeting minutes", preliminarily determines the 16 early harvest and prospect of 63 projects list, including steel, cement, plate glass, energy, electric power, mining, chemical, and other fields. Kazakhstan still hope in food, textile, furniture, building materials, agriculture, tourism and other fields to carry out the cooperation capacity, and is willing to provide financing supporting and preferential policies. The two sides agreed to take work and continue to negotiate, to finalize project listing, to discuss cooperation mode, kazakhstan's prime minister in March when visiting ha capacity in witness signed cooperation framework agreement and the agreement between a group of companies. Crushing machine commonly used have jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and counterattack crusher, etc.;Grinding is the most widely used in mechanical cylindrical grinding machine, including rod mill, ball mill, pebble mill and the grinding machine, etc.;Screening that is commonly used in mechanical inertia vibrating screen and resonance screen;Hydraulic classifier and mechanical classifier is widely used in wet graded homework grading machinery.Sorting machinery according to the mechanism can be divided into gravity separation, magnetic separator, flotation machine, and special processing machinery.Sorting machinery is the earliest in gravity separation, the original piston jig in 1830 ~ 1840 in Germany, for metallic ore separation;The first magnetic separation machine (with weak magnetic separator) appeared in 1888.Flotation machine appear relatively late, the first mechanical agitation type flotation machine appeared in 1910.Gravity separation machinery is the use of ore and waste rock in density and particle size differences, in moving medium separation equipment, including jigging machine, heavy media separation and centrifugal separator.Jig is with the aid of the diaphragm or piston or compressed air to form the water in the tank water, so that in mineral grains under the action of pulsating flow on sieve according to density, granularity theory.On the density of particles through the sieve bed rock layer, gathered in the bottom of the tank be concentrate, by row ore mouth eduction.Used for separation of metallic ore are mainly trapezoidal jig, double room moving cone bottom jig and complex vibration jig;Used in the coal side drum jig and sieve jig air chamber.Heavy media separation machine is the use of suspension or heavy liquid as heavy medium, separate the ore and waste rock.Mainly has dense medium vibration chute, heavy liquid medium spin, inclined round heavy medium coal washer and round of heavy medium coal separator.Centrifugal separator is used in the recovery of fine slime in metallic ore grain machinery, mainly consists of two parts, host and control mechanism.On the host cone drum generated by high speed rotating centrifugal force field, the heavy mineral particle deposition to the drum wall be concentrate, light particles attached to concentrate on the surface, affected by flow membrane (pulp flow), discharge drum, as tailings.Magnetic separator is the use of a variety of mineral magnetic differences, with the help of magnetic force and mechanical force on the role of mineral separation machinery.Magnetic separator by the magnetic system, sorting device, feed and discharge device.Magnetic separator is a lot of more phyletic, basically have permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, magnetic ring strong magnetic separator and high gradient magnetic separation machine, etc.Flotation machine is the use of ore grain surface physical and chemical properties, separation of fine mineral machinery.Ore flotation reagents and flotation machine attached by compressed air or mechanical stirring, that is not easy to be water wetting mineral grains attached on the bubbles (positive flotation process), rose to a liquid surface, through the concentrate discharge exhaust device, easy to be water wetting mineral grains in tub as in tailings discharge.Wet dressing concentrate need through dehydration machinery processing, in order to make solid and liquid separation.Dehydration machinery can be classified as thickener, filter machine, centrifugal machine and drying machine.

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The exhibition area of A&C is 775㎡, being the biggest flagship exhibition hall in bauma China E6 Pavilion at this Exposition. A&C bauma Exposition Preparatory Committee has been striving to prepare details on exposition attending since the beginning of this year, covering from constant research and development, innovation and upgrading to the launch of 18 types of real machines, from the style of Industrial Forest Exhibition Pavilion to the appearance of 3D transformers, and from the appearance of embryonic form of Ore Museum to the focus of various medias home and abroad. More various preferential policies show the emphasis and confidence of A&C on bauma China 2014.

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